Bf 109G Painting Tutorial - by Ralph Riese

BarracudaCast's 1/32 Bf 109 G-6 Ribbed Hub - Smooth Tread wheels (BR32071). The hubs were painted with Tamiya's X-18 Semi gloss black and tires with XF-63 German Gray. A highly-thinned 50:50 mix of Tamiya's XF-52 Flat Earth and XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan was then misted over the tires, followed by a wash of thinned Vallejo Model Color 70822 German Cam. Black Brown. Vallejo Panzer Aces 321 Highlight British Tkcr (not shown) was applied to the tires with a small piece of sponge. Silver highlights were added to the hubs with XF-16 Flat Aluminum, followed by a wash of thinned Vallejo Model Color 70826 German Cam. Medium Brown. Other wear and tear was added using water-soluble Faber-Castell pencils and a 2B graphite pencil. Finally the raised details on the tires were highlighted with the edge of Faber-Castell's Cool Gray III pencil.
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