Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk 22 - by Calum Gibson

This was a quick build only taking 4 weeks. The kit is beautifully molded and, with exception of the undercarriage, fits really well.

As it was the Eduard boxing it came with an Aires Aftermarket Cockpit, which to be honest was a waste of time and a pain to fit. The kit also contained Aires exhausts and Eduard PE. I also added a set Quickboost gun barrels

The kit canopy was replaced with a Squadron Vacuform Canopy for a Seafire Mk 47, but it looks close enough to me.

I also used the Barracuda Cast rocker covers, spinner and prop blades.

The Paint was Mr Color Lacquers followed by a wash using oil paints. The clear coats were Testors Gloss, and Dullcoate. The kit was lightly weathered using pastels, Tamiya weathering seats and pigments. For the antenna I used I used a broom bristle.

The instructions in the box had the scissor links on the undercarriage facing the wrong way, this resulted in me putting the legs on the wrong way around. The instructions on Eduard’s sites have been corrected. After posting online people pointed this out to me and I managed to correct this and get the wheels the right way around.

Barracuda Studios product used:
BR48024 Griffon Spitfire Rocker Cover Fairings
BR48026 Griffon Spitfire 5 Blade Prop- Late

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