Hasegawa 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt, Rick Kranias – Kensington, MD

My third build since returning to my childhood hobby just over a year ago is Hasegawa’s 1/32 P-47D finished a Russian P-47D “White 39” of the 255 IAP, Northern Fleet, Winter 1945. Researching P-47’s I learned the VVS was given P-47D’s which included 100 bubble-tops and saw limited use in the last few months of the war.

Most Russian P-47’s were deployed to northern Naval Units and operated over Norway and Finland in anti-shipping roles and fast recon. Other P-47’s were used to protect oil fields in Polesti.

I really liked the scheme and unusual subject.

Eduard Interior and exterior PE were used to enhance an overall nice kit. No fit issues and some general seam filling and scribing required. The only real build flaw was the engine mount, which sat about 1mm too high. A little surgery resolved the issue using plastic card and plastic angle strips.

Haswgawa brass blast tubes are an easy drop in replacement yielding really nice results. The big catch for this build was the recent release of Barracuda’s outstanding P-47 main wheels. Offering tread selection in either block, diamond and cross option. You can choose to go with a Dish or exceptional detailed Open Spoke version. These wheels weather beautifully, showing the outstanding care and execution to accurate detail. These P-47 wheels are the only game in town.

Build Specifications: Paints - Primer: Mr. Surfacer 1200; Upper: Vallejo Olive Drab; Lower: Vallejo Medium Sea Grey; Interior: Vallejo Gunship Green and Tamiya Yellow Green; Prop Hub and Wheel Covers: Vallejo Off White; Masks: Intercooler, US Insignia and Serial Number block then freehand edges. Weathering – Flory Wash, MIG Wash, MIG Pigments, Thinned Black/Brown. Varnish- Alclad II: Klear Kote for decal prep then final with Semi-Matte. After Market - Barracuda: Wheels; Eduard: Photo etch Interior and Exterior; Hasegawa: Brass blast tubes; Decals: Kit for stencils, AMLC “Americans In Stalin’s Sky” for national insignia and tail number; Belts: HGW Textile.

Very pleased with the results of this build. My skill-set is a constant work in progress and I enjoy trying new techniques and finishes with each build.

Barracuda Studios parts used:
BR32061 – P47C/D Cross Tread Mainwheels

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