Hasegawa 1/48 P-40K - by Jason Brewer

Let me start off by saying I'm not a huge P-40 fan, and even less so when it comes to Hasegawa's modular kit design with all of its poorly-matching segments and inserts - but when I saw this scheme I knew I had to build at least one. The desert colors, mismatched insignia and fin flash, and all of the awesome art on this bird made inspired me to tackle the Warhawk.

Assembling the kit and ensuring that all of the modular parts lined up properly with no steps and no crooked panel lines was a challenge, but I managed. The kit was further detailed with a CMK cockpit and Ultracast seat, Ultracast exhaust and wheels, a wonderful seamless intake from Department of Correction, and various additions from scratch such as brake lines. The markings were done with a combination of Montex masks for the insignia and fuselage codes, and BarracudaCals BC48007 for the rest of the scheme. Barracuda's decals were also used for all of the stencils as well as placards in the cockpit - an excellent sheet! Paints were MrColor lacquers with oils and Tamiya acrylics for weathering. The build was finished off with aerial wires using EZ Line, which could have been a little thinner.

I'm very happy with how this P-40K from the 64th FS turned out, but I have no plans to attempt another Hasegawa P-40 in the future!

Barracuda Studios products used:
BC48007 P-40K Warhawks - Part 1
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