Pacific Coasts 1/32 Spitfire XIV - Ben Summerfield - Lancashire, UK

This is my build of Pacific Coasts 1/32 Spitfire XIV, easily their finest kit to date with plenty of resin and with etched parts by Eduard.

I didn't experience any fit problems during the build and the kit captures the MK XIV perfectly, however their are a few little inaccuracies to be fixed.

Starting with the cockpit, they seem to of copied the Hasegawa Spitfire Vb pilots seat which is huge! Nearly 1/24 scale! Luckily Barracuda Studios do an excellent replacement.

I also used the Barracuda Studios Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade Set and Cockpit Door with Separate Crowbar. Luckily I had built my Tamiya Spitfire IX as an early version so I had the Gyro gun-sight spare to use on the XIV but if you don't an excellent one is provided in
Barracuda Studios Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade Part II. The Tamiya kit also donated the late style undercarriage doors as the PCM ones are very flat and a bit thick; I also had spare etched armored headrest from the Tamiya kit. I also used Barracuda Studios Spitfire 4-Slot Mainwheels as the kit ones appear to be the rubber Tamiya tires cat in resin!

I also used SAC white metal undercarriage designed for the Tamiya kit as the PCM parts are far too skinny. Master brass gun barrels beefed up the armament.

The paint is White Ensign enamels. Markings are vinyl masks by Ad Astra masks, depicting Geoff Northcotts personal aircraft at the end of the war.

Overall a great kit of a mark I can't see the mainstream kit makers producing.

Barracuda Studios parts used:
BR32001 Spitfire Seat with Leather Backpad
BR32003 Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade Set and
BR32002 Spitfire Cockpit Door with Separate Crowbar
BR32011 Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade Part II
BR32006 Spitfire 4-Slot Mainwheels
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