Revell 1/32 Bf 109 G-6 - by Rick Kranias – Kensington, MD

Revell's new release of the Bf 109 G-6 is modeled after Eric Hartmann's Bf 109 G-6 of I./JG53 stationed in Veszprem, Hungary February 1945. After reading Hartmann’s bio “The Blond Knight Of Germany” in high school I always wanted to build his plane. Flash forward 30 years. After acquiring Revell’s Bf 109 G-6 my first angst was to decide on a Hartmann Bf 109 G-6 scheme. I was amazed to realize Hartmann flew several Bf 109 G-6 ’s throughout the war. Having never attempted a Luftwaffe winter scheme was the only motivation I needed.

Following primer and pre-shading standard RLM 74/75/83 upper and RLM 76 lower colors were applied. After gloss varnish the decals were affixed with assist of a setting solution. Several additional coats of gloss varnish applied on national markings. After a week cure the national markings were masked with liquid mask. Winter wash applied. The winter wash scheme was achieved by mixing Tamiya Flat White XF-1 with Thinner 30:70. With airbrush setting at fine and psi about 20 I made about 3 passes on each panel.

Eduard PE IP and landing gear were added along with Barracuda's outstanding wheel set BR32072 Plain Hub/Ribbed tires. QuickBoosts MG131, Exhaust, Control Stick and Revi 12 were also added. HGW textile belts and EagleCals #36 "The Blond Knight" decals balanced out after market items.

Scratch build items include Wiring Looms inside cockpit, Pedal Straps, FuG25a Antenna, Rear Cockpit Bulkhead, Canopy Grab Handles, Canopy Laynard. Pitot Tube and AAG-16 Antenna were drilled out and replaced with wire. Aerial line is nylon fishing line.

Build Specifications: Paints - Primer: Mr. Surfacer 1200; Upper: Vallejo RLM 74/75/83; Lower: Vallejo RLM 76; Interior: Vallejo RLM 66; Prop Blades: RLM 70; Wheel Wells and Landing Gear: Vallejo RLM 02; Fuselage, Lower Cowling and Hungarian Theater ID: Vallejo RLM 04; Winter Wash: Tamiya Flat White XF-1 thinned 30:70; Weathering – Flory Wash, MIG Wash, MIG Pigments, Thinned Black/Brown. Varnish - Alclad II: Klear Kote for decal prep then final with Semi-Matte. After Market - Barracuda: Wheels; Eduard: Photo etch Interior and Exterior; Decals: EagleCal #36 "The Blond Knight" decals throughout; Belts: HGW Textile.

Barracuda Studios parts used:
BR32072 – Bf109G Wheels – Plain Hub/Ribbed Tire

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