Tamiya 1/32 P-51 - John Adelmann - Peosta, Iowa

The spinner parts are painted with Model Master's "Deep Yellow" and allowed to dry. This might become a problem for some builders if they build up too much yellow paint because in the steps that follow, a sharp pencil point will have to scribe parallel lines into the paint. On the other hand, it could also help define the lines, thereby making masking easier. Regardless, the yellow paint must be applied first.

Measure the width of the rear portion of the spinner plate. This dictates the spacing for all the lines. Mark with a Sharpie marker, then move the tape up and make another mark for a total of three marks.

Transfer the tape to the front end of the spinner, making sure the tape edge is perpendicular to the bottom of the spinner. The tape edge should bisect the very tip of the spinner.

Transfer the tape markings onto the spinner with the fine marker.

Build up a stack of Post-it Notes until the tip of a sharp pencil meets the mark(s) on the spinner.

Push down on the pencil to keep it from moving, and then push down on the spinner and carefully twist it against the pencil point and mark off the parallel lines.

The marked-off pre-painted spinner and the finished product.

Important note: when you begin taping these lines, use low-tack tape that is cut into very narrow pieces. This will reduce the chance that the tape will buckle and allow black paint to creep underneath and spoil the effect.

Barracuda Studios products used:
BC32009 P-51D Mustangs - Part 1
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