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BC32006 P-40E Warhawks - Part 1 - 1/32 Scale
BC32006 P-40E Warhawks - Part 1 - 1/32 Scale
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Curtiss P-40E Warhawk “Yellow 49”
343rd Fighter Group. Pilot unknown
Based in the Aleutian Chain, Alaska. Spring, 1943
The 343rd Fighter Group was activated in September of 1942, and was a part of the XI Fighter Command. Jack Chennault, the son of General Claire Chennault, commanded the unit, which was nicknamed the “Aleutian Tigers” in his father’s honor. Finished in very worn and matt Olive Drab and Neutral Gray, due to sandblasting effect of the abrasive volcanic dirt on the islands. Spinner is yellow. Prop blades black with 4” yellow tips. Outer wheel hubs yellow.

Curtiss P-40E Warhawk “Tarheel” White 85
9th FS/49th FG. Flown by 2nd Lieutenant George Preddy
Based at Darwin, Australia. February, 1942
Preddy was a new pilot when he flew this P-40E. He was nearly killed in White 85 during a training mission, when another Warhawk collided with him. Both aircraft crashed in flames. Preddy managed to bail out. He went on to fly P-51 Mustangs and became the highest scoring Mustang Ace of WWII. Tarheel is finished in somewhat worn matt Olive Drab and Neutral Gray, with a OD spinner, and NG or possibly white outer wheel hubs. Props black with 4 inch yellow tips.

Curtiss P-40E Warhawk "White 7"
C.O. of 23rd Fighter Group. Flown by Colonel Robert L. Scott
Kunming, China, Early October 1942
On Sept 25, 1942, Col. Scott scored his 5th victory in this a/c, shooting down a Japanese fighter over Gia Lam, Hanoi. Scott nicknamed this aircraft “The Old Exterminator”, but the name was not carried on the aircraft. White 7 was originally delivered to the AVG. The serial number was painted out, and no record of what it was seems to exist. This P-40E, finished in Olive Drab and Neutral Gray, was quite clean, and seems to be polished. Some claim the upper part of the sharkmouth was painted dark blue, but in-depth research indicates that it was black. Wheel hubs Neutral Gray. Spinner OD, but could be red, blue or yellow, as Scott changed it often to fool the enemy into thinking there were more aircraft.

This decal set includes cockpit stencils and placards.

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