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Contact Barracuda Studios
Barracuda Studios
P.O. Box 935
Patterson, CA 95363-0935

Customer Service for Website Orders
Please contact us with any questions or problems with your order at: orders.barracudastudios@gmail.com

Non-Order Related Emails
Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions and non-order related questions at: barracudacomments@gmail.com

Ordering Information for Retailers and Distributors
Barracuda Studios welcomes orders from distributors, mail order shops, and brick and mortar hobby shops. We do not do business, however, with "eBay only" sellers. If you are a large, well known shop, we do not need verification, but if you are a vendor that is less well known, we may require proof that you have a legitimate business. A copy of your business license may be requested. A link to your website, and/or a photo of your shop will speed the approval process. Barracuda Studios reserves the right to refuse to do business with anyone.

Please contact us for order forms and ordering instructions, vendor pricing, questions or concerns via email at the following address: orders.barracudastudios@gmail.com